Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Teaser Friday

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Rounding out the topic of the week, here's a two page spread from the back of the Rockman & Rockman X Himitsu Daihyakka (Big Encyclopedia of Secrets).

Text reads:

Rockman has become an anime phenomenon in America!
And it's called MEGA MAN!!

Amazing! Rockman has been very busy in America! Check out all this awesome! (Whether this will ever be presented in Japan is unknown.)

Published in April of 1995, these images from the cartoon's intro would represent nearly all of what the average Japanese Rockman fan would see or know of the Mega Man cartoon, until that CFC article we looked at on Monday. Thanks to YouTube, they've gotten to see a lot more since then.


  1. Nice to see this again. :) aside, but I love how the fanbrats whine about RS-Mega being too steroid-addled, yet fail to notice his womanly hips. :/

  2. Ha! Maybe that's what Ma-chan meant by sensual...

  3. Do you know from which magazine/book is these unreleased Mega Man toys?

  4. Sorry, I don't know. That's a good question!


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