Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rockman Gigamix

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So, the first volume of Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Gigamix manga is out in Japan now. I'm not lucky enough to have my hands on it yet, but I hear good things. Hopefully the wave of excitement and attention it's getting will last through to the other two planned volumes.

Speaking of which, Ariga's just put up a new feature linked to his blog (both are in Japanese, natch) that asks for fans to submit their own unique robot creations. It's called "Gigami yarare chikyuu robo boshuu!" which basically means "minor robot recruiting for the world of Gigamix!" Upload and discuss your creation with fellow fans and artists, and hey, maybe it'll show up (or even get blown up) in a future installment of Gigamix. Pretty cool.

I'm not dead yet...

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...but my readership is!

It seems I'm not a very good blogger. Sorry, blogosphere. Maybe someday I'll get my act together and post something worthy of internets.