Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Bots Aquatic

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Alternate titles: "The Mega Man and the Sea", "The Hunt for Rush Marine", "20,000 More Leaks Under the Sea"

At last, I finally got my hands on Mega Man: Rush Marine. That's the non-Japanese Mega Man game for cell phones that came out in 2009, in case you forgot. The early screens looked promising, but the game didn't seem to live up to a lot of expectations, which I guess is why it's hard to find a lot of detailed information about it. When it came time to renew my cellphone contract, I figured, "eh, why not?" and now I'm the owner of a BlackBerry Curve with Mega Man Rush Marine installed on it.

This post is all about the robotic species that inhabit the Izgasara Islands. I've read that there are supposed to be 14 enemies, but by my count it's way more. I've divided them by habitat, like Shallow Water or Volcanic Reef. Last but not least comes the bosses themselves. The enemy names, uncreative as they are, were taken from former Mega Man games, from the Achievements of the game (names like "shark" "mine" "piranha" "the boss of Isle of the Deep" and so on), or made up by me. Please don't take them for official. Now, get ready to explore Wily's wonders of the undersea world.

Pandora's Cove
Flying bird robot that drops boulders,
from Mega Man 2.
Spinning flying thorny robot,
from Mega Man 4.
Any Waters
Aqua Joe
Of the Sniper Joe series, armed with a shield and buster.
Met Mole
A Mettaur-styled Mole, attacks from above.
A small fish that swims toward an enemy,
then suddenly expands its body.
Harpoon Cannon
This can fire in one of three directions.
Trap that can cause instant death. Will explode if shot enough, or Ink Spray can disable it temporarily.
Shallow Water Only
Diving Bird
Bird robot that plunges into the water,
then slowly rises to the surface.
Blue Fish
Fish robots that swim in formation,
traveling in wave patterns.
Green Fish
Fish robots that swarm together.
Sleeps until disturbed, then lunges to attack.
Manta ray robot, from Mega Man 4.
Only appears in Spear Cove.
Harpoon Joe
Of the Sniper Joe series, this robot uses a harpoon. Only appears in Orca Isle.
Volcanic Reef Only
Raises the spikes on its back before firing.
Starts spinning when it spots an enemy,
then tries to attack with its body.
Red Fish
A school of little fish surround a larger red fish. The smaller ones will separate to attack.
Barrier that's harmful if you get caught in it.
Comes in 3 colors.
Hermit Crab
Crawls along the floor, then jumps to attack with its shell. Only appears in Claw Reef.
Things might get inky if you run into this.
Only appears in Squid Haven.
Sea turtle robot with a light-up shell.
Only appears in Turtle Keys.
Deep Water Only
Robotic shrimp from Mega Man 2.
Purple Fish
Seeks to lock its gaping jaws into its enemies.
Slow moving robots that often appear in great numbers.
Opens its shell to fire its hidden cannon.
That is one crazy-looking robot.
Only appears in Isle of the Deep.
Electric Eel
Can shock enemies with its body for a short time. Only appears in Electric Inlet.

Pandora's Cove
Wily UFO
Orca Isle
Weapon: Water Spout
Fang Island
Weapon: Piranha Gun
Spear Cove
Weapon: Barbed Harpoon
Claw Reef
Weapon: Spiked Shield
Squid Haven
Weapon: Ink Spray
Turtle Keys
Weapon: Turtle Torpedo
Isle of the Deep
Weapon: Depth Charge
Electric Inlet
Weapon: Spark Shock
Special Boss Refight #1
Special Boss Refight #2
Wily Machine

If you want to read more about the plot and story of the game, I've also uploaded a script of MM:RM to GameFaqs. Go read it!


  1. Nice to finally have some more info on this game, especially of the bosses (I was hoping for some actual Robot Masters since the previews mentioned, well, Robot Masters). :)

  2. Nice info. Terrible sprites. Okay, some aren't too bad, but the style is very un-Megaman like.


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