Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mega Mission 3, Conclusion

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In honor of Mega Man's 22nd birthday tomorrow, I present the final chapter of Mega Mission 3, completed.

Card No. 118 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 17

"Guhh! It seems the time has come to use this!! The other chip I created was based on this... the Sigma Chip!! Containing the very power of Sigma himself, I can use this chip to make myself into the strongest being to ever exist!" Holding the Sigma Chip high above his head, Enemice instantly felt himself being taken over by a foreign consciousness. "What have I done?! My, my mind is... eras... ing..."
This is 'Sigma' Chip!!
Title (Back):
This is the Sigma Chip!!
Notes: Enemice is on the ropes, and is forced to pull out his last resort, the Sigma Chip. Containing a copy of Sigma's data that was thought to have been destroyed for good by Doppler's antivirus, this tiny circuit not only bestows the incredible power of the would-be ruler of all Repliroids, it also infects its user with Sigma's indomitable evil spirit! Enemice has bitten off more than he can chew in applying this to himself, as his will is broken and his mind replaced with Sigma's own. What will be the result of this unholy fusion?
Card No. 119 Description (Back):

Remeet Order Breaker

DATA: Sigma's data within the Sigma Chip has taken over Enemice's body. Even though he's a copy of Sigma, his strength and conviction are entirely identical to the real Sigma?!

WEAPON: His fingers on both hands can each emit a Sabre Nail, Sigma Limited's most powerful unique special weapon!!
Sigma Limited
Title (Back):
Sigma Limited
Notes: It's amazing how long Mega Mission went without an appearance from Sigma, but no X series adventure is complete without a battle with the big guy (Command Mission not withstanding). Sigma Limited's body is an awe inspired mix of Enemice's hard mechanical motif and Sigma's over-the-top stylistic flair. His Sabre Nails certainly make an impression, they're like having little beam sabers attached to your fingertips, that can also fire energy rays from them, Emperor Palpatine style. A worthy form for the epic battle to come!
Card No. 120 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 18

"So, we meet again! X, Zero!! You may see me as nothing more than a copy of Sigma, but I assure you my power, and my will to destroy you, are nothing short of genuine!!"
"Fall back, X. I hate Sigma more than anyone." Unleashing his concealed inner wrath, Zero rushes to face off with Sigma Limited, alone.
Nightmare Again
Title (Back):
The nightmare returns, and its name is Sigma?!
Notes: Watching Sigma get reborn before his very eyes, Zero has had enough. Unfurling the tempest within himself that few of his opponents ever get more than a glimpse of, Zero's inner demon lashes out at the monster he despises most. After being relegated to the sidelines for the last 3 games, Zero finally gets the chance to settle the score with Sigma on his own terms. Although Zero is certainly godlike on the battlefield, it may be that he's letting his anger get the best of his good judgment, underestimating the ruthless power of his foe. It's X and Zero's teamwork that's gotten them this far. Is it confidence or arrogance to tackle Sigma by himself? Our combatants are in peak condition like never before, both are filled with fury and the firepower to back it up. Let the ultimate grudge match of the 22nd century begin!
Card No. 121 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 19

Zero engaged in a titanic struggle before the power of Sigma Limited!! But then Sigma Limited switched to target X instead. His Saber Nails were aimed straight for X!! Seeking to protect his friend, Zero blocked the attack with his own body. Zero lost consciousness! Then the iX armor separated from his body, and converged upon X to form...
Title (Back):
Zero defeated!!
Notes: Zero held his own against Sigma Limited for a while, but once these warriors were proven to be evenly matched, Sigma L switched up his strategy. Trusting Zero's quality of selfless loyalty, the cunning Sigma has manipulated Zero into taking a direct blow of deadly force. This round is won by Sigma's underhanded tricks, and as Zero lays helpless and dying on the floor, we can only imagine the intense feelings welling up inside Rockman X. Return iX's power that was inhabiting Zero begins flowing into him, reformatting his iX Armor to incredible new heights of power. Hey Sigma, are you ready for round 2?
Card No. 122 Description (Back):

Irregular Hunters

DATA: The iX Armor which was split between X and Zero, have fused back into a single form. Now both their power has truly become one!

WEAPON: The X Buster is now borrowing all of Return iX's power! Is this awesome power truly unparalleled...?
Rockman X
Title (Back):
Rockman X (All iX Armor)
Notes: The All iX Armor is X's strongest form to appear in Mega Mission, period. It is the full strength of Return iX combined with the limitless potential of Rockman X, the ultimate fusion of two polar enemies working towards a common goal. The collective strength of these two rivals is tempered by X's strong drive for justice and the desire to save his friend Zero, whose sacrifice is the fuel that invigorates X's courageous spirit. The stage is now set for the grand finale, an all-out war between the two most extreme evolutions of Limited to ever exist, with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance. The entire series has been leading towards this, everything comes down to one final explosive battle!

This toy version of the All X Armor also uses semi-transparent armor plating.
Card No. 123 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 20

Dodging Sigma Limited's Sabre Nails, X strikes back! Sigma Limited sneered at this impending onslaught! What is this cataclysmic clash brought about by former enemies who're now miraculously working together?! X and iX, when these two very different souls finally came together for a singular purpose, a buster formed at each of X's arms and...
Rockman X vs Sigma Limited
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Sigma Limited
Notes: A battle of epic proportions between arch-enemies has ensued, and at last we see Rockman X moving at maximum force. He and iX are pulling out all the stops and running on full-synchro power, giving Sigma the fight of his life. Only one of these mighty combatants will survive this earth-shattering conflict. What is the all-out attack our combined heroes have geared up for? Fight, X! Fight, iX! The future depends on you both!
Card No. 124 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 21

His X Buster at his right arm and the Return iX buster at his left, both busters fired simultaneously to form the ultimate attack, the Double X Buster!! However, the Double X Buster consumed even more energy than X had expected. X's energy was completely drained. What now Rockman X!!
Double X Buster
Title (Back):
Double X Buster!!
Notes: The ultimate technique has been unveiled! The force of these two optimally charged busters detonating at the same time is entirely beyond compare. Putting their combined hearts and souls into this attack, X and iX have applied a devastating blow to Sigma Limited. But the whole of their energies was used up to create this devastating blast, leaving nothing left to fight with. Is it all over? Did they succeed, or will the world be engulfed in darkness forever?
Card No. 125 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 22

At that moment, Return iX had converted his entire body to energy. The iX Armor had gradually vanished! Return iX's energy was entirely used up, and as X returned to his original form, so too did Sigma Limited disappear from the Earth.
"There's no way Return iX died from that. He'll be back again, I'm sure of it..."
Last of Nightmare "Sigma"
Title (Back):
Nightmare's end. The last of Sigma?!
Notes: Sigma Limited is utterly defeated. The battle is yours, X! But at what price? As the Double X Buster was firing, iX was changing himself into energy to supplement the attack. He's essentially fired his own essence as a weapon! Has this former foe sacrificed himself for their victory? X ponders this, concerned even for the welfare of his enemy. iX, dead? No, Rockman X assures himself this isn't the case. iX has survived somehow, he can feel it. But will their reunion be a cause for rejoicing or for destruction? iX is as unpredictable as he is dangerous. What was he fighting for all this time? And when he returns, will X be ready?
Card No. 125 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Epilogue

X was met with a premonition. iX's body which had appeared to be annihilated was reformed, and filled with a new power. From the scarce remains of Sigma Limited, iX had absorbed the abilities of the Sigma Chip. Return iX will bide his time, reviving himself in secret! Return iX's challenge has only just begun!!
Title (Back):
Premonition of revival?! iX lives on
Notes: Our last card of the series shows iX reforming his body, while smiling and holding the Sigma Chip in his hand. Was this what he was after all along? We also have glimpses of X and Zero looking on, it seems they have both made it back alive. And also, an image of a Limited organism? Could it be that Limited also survived somehow? Or is iX it's legacy? The future holds the answers or...

...or the abrupt end of the card series with no explanation given. Why was Mega Mission 3 the final Mega Mission, when it ends on such a cliffhanger?

Some fans have speculated that a fourth chapter was planned but canceled due to lower than expected sales, or because of a change in the nature of Capcom and Bandai's marketing relationship.

Others held the belief that the carddas series ending was to tie into the toy line, and that fans would then purchase the toys of X, Zero and Return iX and create their own adventures.

At the time of the cards' release however, it was commonly guessed that Return iX would be a character in X4, and that the Mega Mission story was a segue into his past, similar to how Dr. Doppler appeared in Mega Mission prior to his appearance in X3. This was "supported" when early X4 screen caps circulated in gaming magazines, showing an "R" logo that many then believed to be proof of "Return iX" as a major boss in X4. Of course, it turned out to be the Repliforce logo, and Return iX made no direct appearance at all in X4.

Despite this, some fans still refused to be dispelled, and offered the theory that in fact, iX was in X4, but as Sigma. It goes a little something like this: Return iX rejuvenated himself, then used the Sigma Chip to attain further power. Like Enemice, Sigma's consciousness swallowed him as well, explaining how Sigma survived X3's anti-virus and came to be in a new body. Proponents of this theory point out that one of Sigma's final forms in X4, the giant "Slime Body" Sigma head, bears a strong resemblance to the half-organic style of Limited. As did the melting Sigma at the very end of X5. Did Sigma absorb iX's Limited cells, enabling him to revive himself without assistance? I guess that's up to every fan's own imagination to decide!

At long last, the main translation is complete. I'll probably go back and touch up some details with them all later on. And of course, I haven't forgotten about getting high-quality scans of the entire set! Attempting to scan holo-cards has been a huge hold up, but I've not given up just yet. It'll just be... awhile. There have been many other Mega Mission card scans circulating the internet, so I don't feel too bad making everyone wait. Hopefully my versions will be worth it. I'll be on vacation for the rest of the year, and after that I hope to start up my next translation project. Happy holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mega Mission 3, Part 3

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If you've been waiting months for this, my sincerest apologies. I'll spare you the excuses, and just jump in with the action.

Card No. 108 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 11

Reborn with extraordinary power, Return iX was preparing to deliver the final blow to X when suddenly he was shot from behind!
"Answer me!" demanded the sniper. "You should be our ally, and yet you attacked my subordinates! You dare to oppose me, Enemice! Why?!"
"I was born for the sole purpose of defeating X! It is the only reason for my evolution! I won't let anyone stand in my way!!"
Return X Shot
Title (Back):
Return iX is Shot!!
Notes: RX's aim has been thrown by a powerful blow from behind, as another new character makes a dramatic entrance. X has once again been saved by the people who are out to kill him. Lucky him to be so popular. A strong new enemy has arrived, who claims to be the superior of the Hyper Limiteds. Who is this Enemice?
Card No. 109 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ENEMICE-HL

Remeet Order Breaker

DATA: Before his death, Tackione had been working on constructing Enemice, the most powerful Order Breaker. Upon achieving Hyper Limited power, Enemice booted himself up.

WEAPON: His arms are equipped with charged particle cannons, and can also deliver a devastating drill punch called the Piston Knuckle!
Title (Back):
Enemice Hyper Limited
Notes: The Hyper Limited ringleader Enemice is revealed to be the posthumous son of Tackione. He was left incomplete, but thanks to the constant evolution of Limited his body was able to finish constructing itself. The successor to the Limited throne is very mechanical looking, with large bolts, gears and wires being a major motif of his design. In addition to his raw power, he also has inherited aspects of Tackione's scientific ability, which our heroes will discover shortly.
Card No. 110 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 12

Putting his death match with X on hold, RX launched into an intense battle with Enemice.
"If I don't hurry and beat this guy, I'll never get my proper bout with X... X, I'll let you borrow my power, for now!!"
With a flash of light, RX's body vanished, and X and Zero found themselves equipped with brand new armors!
Fusion?! Return X
Title (Back):
Fusion?! Return iX
Notes: Return iX will do anything to get his uninterrupted death match with X... including merging himself with the one he hates most! Uh... okay! This card treats us to a scene of RX's sinister looking body combining with X. Having come so close to losing his very soul to Limited in the past, one might expect X to be weary of such gifts. Is this erratic enemy really on the level, or does he have some ulterior motive to merge with our heroes? What dangers have they welcomed into themselves? Even so, it looks like this is the best and only chance X and Zero have for survival at this point. Things seem to be happening so fast, did they really even have a choice in the matter? It's too late now, and X must once again rely on the power of Limited to end a dangerous conflict. So, what new powers have X and Zero gained from converging with this temporary new ally?
Card No. 111 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ROCKMAN X (X ARMOR)

Irregular Hunter

DATA: Caught in a dire battle, X borrowed the power of RX, and this new form was created. RX has evolved his own body into an armor!!

WEAPON: The X Buster is borrowing from RX's power. Its abilities now surpass even the Clear High Buster!
Rockman X
Title (Back):
Rockman X (iX Armor)
Notes: On the surface, it looks like X has made out pretty well with this new arrangement. This new armor has all the power of Mega Mission 1's Clear Armor, and then some. This time around, lets hope X stays in control.

This armor is also called the EX Armor in the model kit toyline. However, it is actually "ikusu" armor. And although the images in the card series don't look it, the dark blue parts of this armor are shown to be semi-transparent in the toy version.
Card No. 112 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ZERO (X ARMOR)

Irregular Hunter

DATA: In the same manner as X, a portion of RX's power has evolved into an armor and been installed. This armor should render all of Limited's attacks ineffective!!

WEAPON: The Zero Buster has been amplified with RX's power! Its destructive power is now several times greater than before!!
Title (Back):
Zero (iX Armor)
Notes: Zero has gotten the same treatment, and his first exclusively Limited-endowed armor. The only noticable changes are the buster and shoulder armor. Zero is bringing the big shoulder look back. Just like X, the toy version of this is called EX Armor, and features armor transparency in the red portions. Depending on your tastes, it may not look as impressive as the Neo Armor, but in terms of power this armor is a heavy contender for Zero's strongest form from the Mega Mission files.
Card No. 113 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 13

"What a clever trick... Now let me show you the power of this chip that I've created! Go, my four warriors! Combine!" Hearing Enemice's order, the HL foursome appeared once more. With the power of the chip, their bodies were fused together. Thus, they evolved into a single ultra-powerful Remeet Repliroid...
Hyper Limited Combine
Title (Back):
Hyper Limited Quadruple Fusion!!
Notes: Two can play at the fusion game, it seems. Enemice responds to RX's treachery with a little merger of his own design. The battered bodies of the Hyper Limiteds have united to form a new and monstrous entity. By creating such a chip, Enemice demonstrates he's got brains to back up his brawn. But how does his creature stack up against the iX-empowered Irregular Hunters?
Card No. 114 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Fusion Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The combined form of the 4 Hyper Limiteds, brought forth by the power of Enemice's chip. Can it be four times as powerful?!

WEAPON: It has complete access to all 4 Hyper Limiteds' weapons and abilities.
Mix Forte
Title (Back):
Mix Forte
Notes: Usually facing off with a giant mutant marks the finale of a Mega Mission story arc, but this adventure is still far from over. It's time for X and Zero to test their new abilities in a trial by fire with their amalgamous adversary.

By the way, this beast has no relation to Forte/Bass from the classic series. Their names are even spelled and pronounced differently in Japanese, Forte is フォルテ "forute" (as in for-tay) while Mix Forte is ミックス・フォート "mikkusu footo" (mix fort).
Card No. 115 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 14

Mix Forte proved himself a formidable foe, wielding the powers of all 4 Hyper Limiteds. Unleashing its quad arsenal of weapons simultaneously, Mix Forte set out on a destructive rampage! However, the power of the iX Armors rendered the Limited attacks useless. Working together in an incredible coordinated strike, Mix Forte crumbled before the power of X and Zero.
Twin Hunter vs Mix Forte
Title (Back):
Hunter Duo vs Mix Forte
Notes: Mix Forte let out a furious barrage, but was no match for the power of the iX Armors combined with the skill of the two legendary Hunters. Having laid waste to the 4 Hyper Limiteds once and for all, our heroes' focus turns to this incident's mastermind, the mysterious Enemice. What other surprises might he be packing up his piston-powered sleeves?
Card No. 116 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 15

"X, Zero... Well done. Even though you had to borrow Return iX's power to do it, you two have nonetheless proven yourselves quite a nuisance... However, I am not dismayed. That is because I was endowed with supreme power by my late master, the great Tackione. I and I alone was created to be the ultimate destructive machine!!"
Rockman X vs Enemice HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Enemice Hyper Limited
Notes: Enemice's villainous monologue is full of vile menace, but does he have the power to back up his big talk? The picture on this card suggests he just might, as he prepares to crush X's head in his bare hand. The inheritor of all Tackione's power and knowledge, he boasts that the other Hyper Limiteds were mere trifling experiments before himself. Have X, Zero and RX finally met their match?
Card No. 117 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 16

Enemice had X cornered with his fearsome Piston Knuckle, but his old friend Zero came through with the assist, catching his enemy off guard. With incredible finesse, Zero had turned the tables on Enemice. Then at last, Enemice finally caught the full force of X's buster and Zero's Beam Sabre.
ZERO vs Enemice HL
Title (Back):
Zero vs Enemice Hyper Limited
Notes: Enemice came out swinging, but he should have known better than to turn his back on Zero. Mighty though he may be, the tag team of X and Zero reign supreme. Can this nightmare finally be over? Or, has it only just begun? If you don't think Enemice has another trump card to play, you don't know Mega Mission! The final boss, the final fusion, and the final conclusion to the Mega Mission saga lie just ahead!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Robot Fever

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Just something I was mulling over in my head. For those yet unspoiled, Mega Man 10's story concept involves our heroes battling against a robot virus called Robotenza, the etymology of which I suppose would be Robot+Influenza. I'm fine with Capcom avoiding the traditional "the _____ Virus" naming convention that the X and EXE series swore by, but it still sounds a bit off to me somehow. A little awkward, doesn't really roll off the tongue. More creative than simply "Robot Flu," I'll give them that. It'll probably grow on me as I hear it more. But I started to wonder if I could do a better job at naming a robot virus. Probably not, but here goes anyway!
  • Robola
  • Robotitis
  • Mechalaria
  • Gearengitis
  • Robolio
  • Robomycosis
  • Robopox
  • Mechatitis
  • Roboculosis
  • Roborrhea
  • Mecholera
  • Robotulism
  • Cybermitosis
  • Robotella
  • Mechlamydia
And, I'm spent. Knowing where some of those disease names originated from, of course, there's no way they'd be appropriate for a E rated video game. I'm not sure which of those I favor at this point, they've all run together in my brain. Maybe Robotenza isn't so bad after all.

For Chrono Trigger Fans

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I picked up the latest Chrono Trigger port recently, and I've been falling in love with the game all over again. It's as if the DS were my Epoch, taking me back to 1995, where the SNES was king and Toriyama a god. (Well, if you were a teenage nerd in the continental US like I was, that's probably how you remember it?)

It inspired me to take on a little side project, a translation of the Chrono Trigger Character Library, a promotional mini-game that came out for the Super Famicom via Satellaview, also back in 1995. Gamefaqs is now hosting it. (Man, it's been so long since I contributed anything there that I had to create a new login!) So if you're a Chrono Trigger fan, go check it out!

Has it really been over a year already?

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Not since my last blog entry, I mean since Mega Man 9 came out. Feels like less time somehow.

Mega Man 10 news is all over the place, and I must say I'm not surprised. The developers were talking sequel possibility before MM9 was even out as I recall, and I'd hardly expect a company like good ol' Capcom not to follow up on one of the most successful WiiWare titles ever.

Am I excited about it? Yes. Do I think it will connect to the X series in any meaningful way? No. Am I upset that it's 8-bit graphics all over again? Nope. Actually, now that Inti's gotten their retro-game feet wet with MM9, I'm optimistic that MM10 has the potential to surpass it. I suppose that sums things up the basic reactions.

Bass seems like a dead ringer for the third playable character slot, although with all the attention she's been getting lately, I wouldn't be too shocked to see it as Roll either. But after his absence last time, I'm really curious to see how Bass will look and play in the 8-bit realm.

Now that it's been announced, I imagine we'll be getting a steady trickle of new info, though I doubt I'll be reporting on any of those details (that's what the big fansites are for) unless they really pique my interest enough that I have to rant about them.

Between this and the Mega Man Rush Marine mobile game (which I'm still waiting to get my hands on, hurry T-Mobile!) it seems to me that the 8-bit style of O.G. Mega Man is here to stay. At least, for the foreseeable future. And I don't mind it a bit.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rockman Gigamix

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So, the first volume of Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Gigamix manga is out in Japan now. I'm not lucky enough to have my hands on it yet, but I hear good things. Hopefully the wave of excitement and attention it's getting will last through to the other two planned volumes.

Speaking of which, Ariga's just put up a new feature linked to his blog (both are in Japanese, natch) that asks for fans to submit their own unique robot creations. It's called "Gigami yarare chikyuu robo boshuu!" which basically means "minor robot recruiting for the world of Gigamix!" Upload and discuss your creation with fellow fans and artists, and hey, maybe it'll show up (or even get blown up) in a future installment of Gigamix. Pretty cool.

I'm not dead yet...

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...but my readership is!

It seems I'm not a very good blogger. Sorry, blogosphere. Maybe someday I'll get my act together and post something worthy of internets.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

If there is no problem...

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I've been busy lately, though as you can tell, it was not busy working on this blog. I'll be trying to get into the "regular update" mode again soon.

Today is August 15th, not especially noteworthy in the Mega Man universe, except that today is the day that Zero was scheduled to wake up after submitting himself to cold sleep in his Mega Man X6 ending, 102 years into the future...

I've often wondered why August 15th vs any other date. It isn't Mega Man's birthday (December 17th), or Keiji Inafune's (May 8th), or Capcom's (founded May 30), nor was it ever a day that a Rockman game was released in Japan. So much for the usual suspects.

So, today I checked out Wikipedia to see what other significance it might have. The first thing that struck me was that August 15, 1945 was the day Japan surrendered during WWII. August 15 is also an important Christian holiday marking the death of the virgin Mary, and her ascension into heaven. It's also a day of independence for several nations. All of these are important events in world history, but I'm not convinced that any of these are the intended reference, or relevant to Zero's slumber and awakening.

Digging deeper, August 15th, 1965 was the day the Beatles played Shea Stadium in New York City, considered by some to be the birth of stadium rock. Four years later, August 15th became the opening day of the Woodstock festival. It's even been the birthday of several famous composers, and the death day of a few as well. Rockman has always been big into musical references, could Capcom have intended to reference these significant musical events?

Then again, Capcom also enjoys making pop culture references, so perhaps August 15th is a significant date in manga or anime? Following up that lead, I found that several anime characters share August 15th as a birthday, such as Basara Nekki from Macross 7, Zima and Dita from Chobits, and Takeshi Hongo, the original Kamen Rider. I also learned that August 15th is an important day in Mobile Suit Gundam, as the day the Principality of Zeon was founded. Interesting, since ZX Advent also made references to important Gundam dates in the cypher numbers. Did Capcom do the same thing here?

Then I remembered one rumor that said that August 15th was an early release date for Rockman Zero itself. I have seen an early ad that ran in the Japanese magazines, but that ad gave a release date of March 2002, about a month earlier than actual release (Capcom is somewhat infamous for delays). In Japan, Rockman X6 was released November 29, 2001 and Rockman Zero released April 26, 2002. Too early or too late, August 15th doesn't seem like a plausible release date in Japan. On the other hand, it could have been a release date for Mega Man Zero, which hit the states September 9, 2002 (according to GameFAQs). August 15th could have been a plausible early release schedule for Mega Man Zero in the US then... but did they know that back in November of 2001, so that they could insert that reference into the X6? One for Americans, but that Japanese fans probably wouldn't understand? For a game release that was so many fiscal quarters away, that is a very specific date. Maybe they had tried to schedule it precisely, but it didn't work out for some reason or another.

Perhaps I'll never know why exactly August 15th was chosen. And maybe it doesn't matter, since Zero didn't wind up having his schedueled awakening to begin with. But, I had fun researching it! If you've got any ideas or theories, feel free to toss in your two cents in the comments section!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Something for Voully

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For a certain old friend of mine that got in touch with me again recently, and is a huge fan of Mega Man Legends.

Thumbing through the archives of u-Capcom (which I've been going over before the end-of-June close, just in case some content disappears), I found a random trivia bit that I wasn't familiar with before, so I thought I'd share. Sorry if this is old news for some of you, but I think for those who don't know, it's worth retelling.

According to Masahiro Yasuma, a Capcom staff member with various involvements in DASH and EXE, several of the place names in Legends 1 are based off the surnames of DASH staff members. Tracking down the credits, I've put together this list:
  • The Cardon Forest, or "Kaadon no mori" カードンの森 in Japanese is most likely named after Kazunori Kadoi, game and engine designer and 3D model animator for DASH 1.
  • The Clozer Woods, or "Kuroosaa no mori" クローサーの森 is seemingly named after Shin Kurosawa, a scenario and event planner for DASH 1.
  • Lake Jynn or "Juuin-ko" ジュウイン湖 is based off DASH 1's head programmer Masaru Ijuin (who is also the surname inspiration for Enzan/Chaud of EXE).
  • Last but not least, Masahiro Yasuma himself is the inspiration for the Yass Plains or "Yasu no sougen" ヤスの草原, as well as the famed "Yasmar Woods" sign that can be found via codes only.
There's really all kinds of neat little easter eggs of information on u-Capcom, maybe I'll make some more posts about them in the future.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mega Mission 3, Part 2

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From Part 1.

I actually made quite a few errors in it, which I've since gone back and changed. I do occasionally go back and change things, correct mistakes or inaccuracies, clarify some confusing bits, et cetera, as I come across them. I don't really announce it too often, so who knows, maybe something you've read before has already changed.

My little notes section has become more of a running commentary that's sometimes far longer than the actual card translation itself. My bad! I couldn't help myself, really. It just sorta happened that way. It's my hope to impart useful and interesting supplemental information, and maybe even hype things up a bit to add to the atmosphere of the story. But it's perfectly possible to just skip that section if I get too preachy on ya. It isn't really necessary to get the gist of the story.

I'm happy that the project's almost finished. I'm growing a bit restless from dealing with these cards for so long. My next project I have in mind will be a much needed break (and a lot shorter to boot). Look for it once Mega Mission is finalized and formatted.

Now, on with the show...

Card No. 96 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: A-ARMARGE-HL

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Armor Armarge's body has been evolved by the Hyper Limited that clung to it. He transformed himself into Rot Armor in order to get close to X.

WEAPON: In addition to his body rolling attack, the crush shields equipped on both his arms have been reinforced for maximum offensive and defensiveness.
Title (Back):
Armor Armarge Hyper Limited
Notes: Armarge is looking pretty bulky, especially compared to his Masquerade form. He now resembles a prehistoric armadillo complete with spiky tail and hood-like shell. It's funny how so many of these "evolutions" are really about reverting modern animals back to a much earlier lineage.
Card No. 97 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 4

While Zero faced off with the countless swarms of Irregulars, X kicked off his own battle against the Hyper Limiteds. X evaded Armarge's body rolling attack by keeping in his blind spot and returning fire. However, even X's Electric Spark had no effect on the Hyper Limited Armarge.
Rockman X vs A-Armarge-HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Armor Armarge Hyper Limited
Notes: Once again X has his past special weapons, no word on whether this is due to the presence of a Limited Field, although it is likely. Grappling with X in the picture, we can see how much larger Armarge has seemingly become. We've also learned that Hyper Limited's evolution has become so powerful that even special weapons which were once the Remeet Repliroid's weakness may barely cause a scratch to them now. And X will have to fight four of them at once? Not good...
Card No. 98 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: L-OCTOPULD-HL

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Octopuld revived via fusion with Hyper Limited. Blau Launcher's true form, and a maestro of underwater warfare.

WEAPON: Fires an enhanced Homing Torpedo, and wields his lance, the Octrident!!
Title (Back):
Launcher Octopuld Hyper Limited
Notes: Octopuld HL is looking like a very gruff sea lord Poseidon, with his trident and all. His face even resembles a beard to me, somehow.
Card No. 99 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 5

While Armarge was bearing down on X, Octopuld lay in with a missile attack. X was able to intercept the missiles with Homing Torpedo, but Octopuld had maneuvered his body directly above X, ready to strike! Encircled by his 8 limbs, had Octopuld had left X nowhere to run?!
Rockman X vs L-Octopuld-HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Launcher Octopuld Hyper Limited
Notes: X fights fire with fire, or in this case, Homing Torpedo with Homing Torpedo. Rolling Shield would have been more traditional, or maybe even Boomerang Cutter, but I won't argue with the man.
Card No. 100 Description (Back):

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Mothmeanos revived through fusion with Hyper Limited. Like a bagworm dropped out of hiding, Grün Metamo's true form has emerged!!

WEAPON: He can fire a powerful beam from his palms, or conduct a deadly strike with his Moth Sabre!!
Title (Back):
Metamor Mothmeanos Hyper Limited
Notes: Card 100! Woo, triple digits! Did you know that bagworms are a member of the same family of insects as butterflies and moths? I didn't, until I translated this card!
Card No. 101 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 6

"Prepare yourself, X! For today is the day of your death!"
Mothmeanos swooped down upon X, carrying him high into the sky! X was able to escape the main attack with Rushing Burner, but was then struck by a beam fired from Mothmeanos' palm. Using one hand then the other, Mothmeanos fired again and again! Does X have any chance at victory?!
Rockman X vs M-Mothmeanos-HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Metamor Mothmeanos Hyper Limited
Notes: Facing attacks from every direction, X is starting to feel very overwhelmed. The increased power of Limited was bad enough, but with their added weakness immunities, it's gone from drudgingly difficult to nightmarishly impossible!
Card No. 102 Description (Back):

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The "Rescue Power Plant" has been infused with Limited. Shedding his kind heart, Braun Eleci transformed and set his sights on X.

WEAPON: Manipulating a tremendous amount of electricity, he can generate a completely flawless electric shield!!
Title (Back):
Electro Namazuros Hyper Limited
Notes: That's one whopper of a catfish. The "Rescue Power Plant" is Namazuros' nickname from X3.
Card No. 103 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 7

Squeezing every ounce of his willpower, X continued to fight as Namazuros' massive body drew near. Even Tornado Fang was powerless against Namazuros' perfected electric shield. Meanwhile, Zero had finished vanquishing the hordes of Irregulars, and was hurrying back to assist. But even so, can they hope to win when it's two against four?
Rockman X vs E-Namazuros-HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Electro Namazuros Hyper Limited
Notes: The Hyper Limiteds have each taken their turn abusing X and showing off their incredible power. Zero cleared out that army of Irregulars so fast that even Rambo would be put to shame, but he has yet to face the indomitable powers of Hyper Limited. Can teamwork prevail where alone X could not?
Card No. 104 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 8

Zero had torn through the mechaniloids easily. Yet despite combining his powers with X, trying to defeat Limited's strongest evolution Hyper Limited was proving exceedingly difficult. X and Zero were being gradually worn down! Are even their Special A class skills no match for Hyper Limited?
Rockman X & ZERO
Title (Back):
A Losing Battle! X and Zero
Notes: X and Zero are looking tired yet determined on the front of this card. Despite their legendary power, they are outnumbered and outclassed by the latest advancement of Limited. At this rate, our heroes will fall and Limited will finally have achieved its dark victory over the Earth. If only X had some kind of power up parts to even the playing field a bit...
Card No. 105 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: RETURN X

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Previously, iX had been beaten by X. Driven by his intense determination, "I will defeat X," he resurrected himself and tenaciously clung to his mission!! "As long as my core survives, I will always come back."

WEAPON: The buster initially created from an exhaustive analysis of X has amassed even greater power, becoming the Return iX Buster!!
Return X
Title (Back):
Return iX
Notes: The ultimate soldier iX is back, baby! And he's looking creepier than ever. Return iX, RX, R-ikusu, Return X, whatever you'd like to call him, was able to revive himself after his initial defeat thanks to a surviving cell. At last he's succeeded in tracking X down, and even amidst this carnage, he's going to make his presence felt. With yet another enemy to tackle, does this arrival mark the final death knell of X and Zero?
Card No. 106 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 9

In the midst of X and Zero's grueling battle appeared the regenerated form of iX, calling himself Return iX. RX struck out at the Hyper Limiteds, demonstrating how far his power had progressed!! As RX cut down the Hyper Limiteds one after another and forced their retreat, it seemed this former dangerous adversary had become a powerful ally, right before X's very eyes! But, why...?
Return X vs Hyper Limited
Title (Back):
Return iX vs Hyper Limited Quartet
Notes: Shocking everyone, instead of moving in to finish X off, RX tears into the Hyper Limiteds instead! The card front shows RX literally karate chopping into what looks like Armarge HL, with pieces of the other 3 strewn around along with him. But hey, aren't these Limited guys all supposed to be on the same team? What's going on?!
Card No. 107 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 10

"The only one to defeat you, will be me!"
"You're iX! So, you survived?"
Face to face with someone he thought he had defeated long ago, and moreover confounded that this someone would help him in this time of crisis , X was doubly struck with an astonishment he could barely conceal!
"I will always come back... in order to defeat you!" With that, the fated battle began!
Rockman X vs Return X
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Return iX
Notes: Showing himself to be anything but X's savior, iX reveals his hatred to his rival. In mowing down the Hyper Limiteds, he was merely clearing a path to his true enemy. And judging by the ease to which he dispatched the Hyper Limiteds, his own power has vastly improved. It seems X has once again leaped out of the frying pan, and into the fire! Will the fury of RX prove far worse than anything the 4 Hyper Limiteds had in store? The answers, coming up!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mega Mission 3, Part 1

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Beginning once more, the final installment of Carddass' Mega Mission series. Very different from the structure of the previous 2 story arcs, though some plot aspects will still remain strikingly similar. This time X and Zero have only 4 Remeet Repliroids to contend with, but they'll have much greater power. iX returns as the aptly named "Return X," along with another familiar face who makes his long awaited first appearance in Limited fashion. All this and a surprise "ending" await, in Mega Mission 3!

Card No. 85 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ROCKMAN X

Irregular Hunter

DATA: Commander of the 17th Elite Unit. Initially a B Class Irregular Hunter, he has grown strong through many difficult battles.

WEAPON: As X has grown, so too has the power of his X-Buster! The destructive power of its charge shot is well renown!!
Rockman X
Title (Back):
Rockman X
Notes: Unlike the beginnings of the previous Mega Missions, this card is not a holo and discusses only X rather than X and Zero together. The logos in the corners are carried over from Mega Mission 2, but are no longer holographic stickers. The front titles no longer write "ROCKMAN X" in all caps, though "ZERO" still gets the capslock treatment. The backs of the cards have developed a silvery border with a barcode style motif. The backs also now say "CHARACTER CARD" or "MEGA MISSION STORY CARD" in English (depending on which they are) and character cards will contain name and organization information in English as well, which I've included in italics even though it's redundant.
Card No. 86 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Prologue

At Central Point, Hunters have been disappearing one after another as if targeted in mysterious recurring incidents. Could the Counter Hunters have been revived somehow?! In response to the loss of so many Irregular Hunters, a new vigilante group has formed to protect Central Point, calling themselves the Masquerades.
Title (Back):
City-wide mayhem! Disappearance of the Hunters
Notes: Our story begins, sometime after the conclusive battle between X and Tackione. Skilled Hunters are disappearing, and the city is close to being overrun with panic. The Counter Hunters (aka the X-Hunters) assassinated 100 of the top Irregular Hunters during the 6 months between X1 and X2, which is why the current incidents arise suspicions of their return. It is unclear whether Central Point is the same city that suffered the Limited Field attack in the last Mega Missison. At any rate, concerned repliroids have risen and banded together to fill the gap: the mysterious Masquerades. But it is not the Masquerades we're seeing in the colorful but foreboding image on the front of the card... or is it?
Card No. 87 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 1

Following the appearance of the Masquerades, the attack damages sharply declined. The Hunter organization which had been suffering heavy losses recognized the Masquerades' power, and they were welcomed to join the Hunter ranks officially. Thus Rockman X and Zero were joined by their new associates, the Masquerades!!
New Colleagues "Masquerades"
Title (Back):
New Allies?
Notes: Seeking to recoup their recent losses and regain public trust, the Hunter brass invites the 4 vigilantes to become Hunter members. The Masquerades themselves resemble a super sentai group, with their red, blue, green and brown/gold ranger call colors. We'll learn more about these new "heroes" next.
Card No. 88 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ROT-ARMOR


DATA: A newly registered member of the Irregular Hunters. He is also the acting leader of the Masquerades.

WEAPON: Boasts the highest defensive power of the Masquerades, and also excels in mobility.
Title (Back):
Rot Armor
Notes: Rot means red in german, making him the red Masquerade. Naturally, he's the leader.
Card No. 89 Description (Back):


DATA: A member of the vigilante group that operated in Central Point. Because of his achievements, he was permitted to become an Irregular Hunter.

WEAPON: His greatest weapon is his quick and graceful maneuverability, especially underwater.
Title (Back):
Blau Launcher
Notes: Blau means blue in German.
Card No. 90 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: GRÜN-METAMO


DATA: He was allowed to join the Irregular Hunters by merit of his efforts to reduce collateral damages, but there is something suspicious about him...

WEAPON: Can fashion weapons for himself by assembling various bits of scrap.
Title (Back):
Grün Metamo
Notes: Grün is German for green.
Card No. 91 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: BRAUN-ELECI


DATA: After the recent incidents, he was recruited into the Irregular Hunters. But there seems to be something unsettling about these Masquerades...

WEAPON: His large body and incredible strength are his most imposing weapons, but he's also able to use electric attacks.
Title (Back):
Braun Eleci
Notes: Completing the pattern, Braun means Brown in German. Not everyone in the Hunters completely trusts the Masquerades. Perhaps it's the uncanny resemblance to several former irregular repliroids, in both name and appearance... Probably just a coincidence...?
Card No. 92 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 2

However, the Masquerades are actually a team of 4 Hyper Limiteds sent to spy upon X and company, and uncover their secrets. They had thinned the Hunter ranks themselves, then changed their bodies into their Masquerade forms in order to gain X's confidence. And once X's guard was lowered, they would strike all at once. This was their true mission. X is already in great danger!!
Revolt!! Masquerades
Title (Back):
Revolt! Masquerades
Notes: The truth is revealed (and what a shock)! The Masquerades were double agents all along. Now that they've infiltrated the Hunter organization, they're ready to take it down from within. Abandoning the masquerade and revealing their true forms, their multi-faceted assault will strike at the very heart of the Hunters!
Card No. 93 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: CROWD

Mechaniloid & Victoroid

DATA: The Hyper Limiteds unleashed a Limited Field, and machines began running wild. An angry mob of rioting rabble quickly formed.

WEAPON: They have not been powered up by Limited, so they have only their original weapons.
Reckless Irregular
Title (Back):
Reckless Irregular
Notes: Some tough enemies from X3, Maoh the Giant, Worm Seeker R, Hellcrusher, Wall Cancers and Bictroid/Victoroids gather on the front of this card, preparing to raise hell. With the Hunters disabled and the city in chaos, who will come to the rescue?
Card No. 94 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ZERO

Irregular Hunter

DATA: Commender of the 0th Special Forces Unit, and Special A class Irregular Hunter. Just as before, whenever X is caught in a pinch, Zero gallantly arrives to give his friend a hand.

WEAPON: His Special A class skills include being an amazing swordsman with his Beam Sabre and an ace sure-shot buster-slinger.
Title (Back):
Notes: Zero enters the fray, ready to take on the irregular menace plaguing the area. Zero's a one-man army, but in his line of work, he has to be just to survive.
Card No. 95 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 3

The Masquerades have shown their true colors as Hyper Limited. But Hyper Limiteds go beyond just sticking to repliroids, they are even manipulating the mechaniloids from afar.
"Leave those underlings to me, X!"
Zero rushes to his friend's aid in his time of need.
ZERO vs Irregular
Title (Back):
Zero vs Irregulars
Notes: Zero opts to face the rabble of rebellious robots, so that X can concentrate on challenging the Hyper Limiteds. Zero is confident under pressure, but both heroes are up against heavy odds. Even heavier than they realize, as they HLs will soon demonstrate just how far they've evolved...

Mega Mission 2 Conclusion

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Card No. 75 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Order Breaker

DATA: A Limited that developed using Doppler's residual data. He used that knowledge to capture X in order to further his own evolution.

WEAPON: Wields the Remeet Smasher and Sabre Grapp, two ultra-powerful weapons!!
Title (Back):
Notes: He was slightly visible from other cards, particularly 71, but here we finally get a really good look at Tackione. At the top of his body is a green dome, and inside is the partially reconstructed head of Doppler, equipped with the classic "cyborg eye" look. It reminds me of another head-under-glass cyborg scientist, Dr. Vile of the Zero series. Tackione wears a cape similar to the coat Doppler wore in the first Mega Mission as well, and features Doppler's characteristic ratchet-fingers. His chest adorns the face of Limited, and the design incorporates many tentacle-like wires connecting different parts of his body. His buster, the Remeet Smasher, is the first to have a large crystal-like protrusion covering over the nozzle, something that the later Mega Mission armors would incorporate. The Remeet Smasher has a slanted opening at the tip of this covering that is seemingly able to change the spread of his attack.
Card No. 76 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 17

"I have acquired all of Doppler's knowledge! There is no one in existence who can best me!!" Tackione announced, determined to deliver the final blow to both injured men. Tackione fired relentlessly, narrowly missing Zero and X.
Tackione vs X & ZERO
Title (Back):
Tackione vs the Damaged Duo
Notes: Tackione, or should we say Doppler Limited, attempts to take advantage of the situation and claim his victory. Our dazed heroes barely manage to dodge his assault. X and Zero have been in bad scrapes before, but in their current state, things are looking grim. Can they still hope to stand against Limited's strongest evolution yet?
Card No. 77 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 18

Realizing that Zero's damage had been inflicted by his own buster, X quickly understood what had happened to himself during this incident, and launched himself against Tackione. Dodging Tackione's Sabre Grapp and wresting his beam sabre away, X struck back against his tormentor.
ROCKMAN X vs Tackione
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Tackione
Notes: X has snapped back into action, and as expected has risen to the occasion in rare form! Taking Tackione by surprise, he is even able to claim his enemy's own weapon from him! X's will to protect his friend makes even his unarmored form a force to be reckoned with, but don't expect Tackione to just roll over and die. X's small victory hasn't won this war yet!
Card No. 78 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Repligigant

DATA: For the sake of defeating X, Tackione mutated himself into his evolved gigantic final mode. The power concealed within his grotesque body is impossible to quantify.

WEAPON: His capability for destructive mayhem coupled with his ingenious intellect is his greatest weapon!!
Tackione - Final Mode
Title (Back):
Tackione Final Mode
Notes: Unwilling to permit X's stunt heroics, Tackione kicks it up a notch and transforms to Repligigant form, much as his predecessor Mother Limited did. The picture on this holo card is the only one where you get a good idea of how huge Tackione Final Mode is, but it also shows X battling him with an armor that he hasn't acquired yet in the story. This is probably done to give this armor more exposure, since otherwise there are only 2 cards where you can really see and appreciate it. In short, the picture on the card takes place between cards 81 and 83, even though the info on the back is correct for card 78. You can think of it as a preview of the battle to come.
Card No. 79 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 19

Achieving his final evolution, the Repligigant Tackione bares his menacing fury, attemting to mow down Zero and X with his enormous claws! Though disadvantaged, the two fought back with all their remaining strength. Finally, Zero decided that he must sacrifice himself and combine their remaining energy in order to stand a chance.
Tackione - Final Mode vs X & ZERO
Title (Back):
Tackione Final Mode vs Double Heroes
Notes: This is one uphill battle that Zero recognizes they cannot win. Because X's body has endured less damage, Zero knows that he has the best chance for survival. Perhaps, if the Neo Armor's energy can be transfered to X's able body... it's their only hope!
Card No. 80 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 20

No longer able to move, Zero imparts to X one final request.
"X, I'm transferring all my energy over to you... No matter what happens... You must defeat Tackione!!"
In that instant, Zero's Neo Buster and Neo Armor disappeared, and X became the sole inheritor of all that power!!
Title (Back):
Zero to X, Infinite Energy
Notes: The picture shows Zero's energy transfered to X, and a new buster forming on X's hand, but that's just for starters. In combining with X, a power even greater than the Neo Armor is about to be born!
Card No. 81 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: All of Zero's energy was handed down to X, forming a new armor. This unrivaled armor can repel any attack!

WEAPON: The Giga Buster and Giga Sabre, possessing the ability to destroy any kind of enemy!!
Title (Back):
Rockman X (Giga Armor)
Notes: Another holo card used to showcase an armor transformation. Though some fans use this title to refer to the X2 armor, this is the only armor to ever be officially dubbed the Giga Armor. This glowing armor gives off the aura of an invincible warrior of justice. Even the sabre X snatched up from Tackione has been transformed to an unparalleled instrument of righteous fury. This armor also conceals a familiar secret weapon...
Card No. 82 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 21

Empowered by the Giga Armor, X renewed his fight against Tackione. Overflowing with energy, the slice of X's Giga Sabre parted the air itself, as the Giga Buster roared like thunder!! The last battle of X and Tackione had now truly begun.
X vs Tackione - Final Mode
Title (Back):
Rockman X (Giga Armor) vs Tackione Final Mode
Notes: What happens when warriors who are as Gods collide? The earth itself trembles beneath their feet! An all-out death match between good and evil has broken out, and the fate of the world will be decided once again.
Card No. 83 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 22

The Giga Armor stored up a vast excess of energy. X decided to lay everything on the line, and called upon the very limits of his power to unleash one final special move, the Giga Crush!! Both Tackione and X's Giga Armor gave way to annihilation as the entire area was engulfed in a blinding flash of light!
Giga Crush!!
Title (Back):
Explosion! Giga Crush!!
Notes: Our final holo card gives accent to the explosive force of the Giga Crush. Incinerating the enemy and even itself, this Giga Crush packs a much bigger bang than the X2 armor did. Can it be that at long last, Limited is no more?
Card No. 84 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Epilogue

When it was all over, a stillness settled over the area. X stood tall, supporting Zero on his shoulder. Though Tackione's threat had abated, there was no guarantee that Limited had been completely exterminated. His chest swelling with renewed determination, X marched on. His battle has still not concluded!!
ROCKMAN X vs Tackione
Title (Back):
The Calm Before the Storm? An Eerie Silence.
Notes: Similar to the ending of Mega Mission 1, the battle has ended, but no sense of peace has befallen our heroes. Foreshadowing that Limited has not been extinguished here, the image on this card portrays X and Zero in battle poses over a backdrop of Limited reformed. Another sequel was already in the cards for X, with the final segment of the Mega Mission trilogy just around the corner! Enjoy the armistice while it lasts, Irregular Hunters! Another war is looming just over the horizon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mega Mission 2, Part 3

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Continued from... actually, you could probably just scroll down.

Card No. 67 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Order Breaker

DATA: Grown from a portion of Tackione that was separated. Despite his large build, he is actually quite quick and dexterous, and enjoys using his freely contractible neck to toy with his victims.

WEAPON: Specializes in Machine Grapp, a hand-to-hand fighting style that utilizes his spherical body.
Title (Back):
Notes: The giant dude of the trio, but with a twist this time, in that he's actually fast and agile as well as huge and strong. His neck is tensile and can come out of his body like a snake in a turtle shell. Not mentioned, but his other limbs also seem to be capable of extending out and retracting into his body to some extent. He has a lot of elbows, and his face resembles a gas mask. A stylized skull pattern adorns his globe-like torso. Of the Order Breakers, his design is the most unique.
Card No. 68 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 12

Zero obtained the Neo Armor, his body coursing with power! Then Tackione and the Order Breakers appeared on the scene. To their surprise, the Neo Armor completely neutralized the effects of the Limited Field!
"Bring it on... Zero...!"
Bloodione lost his temper, and with that, challenged Zero to battle!!
ZERO vs Bloodione
Title (Back):
Zero vs Bloodione
Notes: The picture shows Bloodione, limbs and neck extended and engaged in battle with Zero. Bloodione's fighting technique the "Machine Grapp" is comparable to a repliroid form of Sumo wrestling. Bloodione is like the lovechild of E. Honda and Dhalsim, except he's also a robot.
Card No. 69 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Order Breaker

DATA: Like Bloodione, his body was made from a piece of Tackione which separated and matured. An extremely resourceful Order Breaker with a cruel and ruthless demeanor.

WEAPON: By crossing both arms, he can fire the Arrow Shot.
Title (Back):
Notes: Meant to resemble the martial arts stereotype of long-haired warrior who fights using his braids, Luxione winds up looking and feeling a great deal like Schmitt of the previous Mega Mission, slim body, glowing hands and all. This card describes "Order Breaker" for the Japanese audience as a destroyer of order/authority/regularity/the powers that be. In English those connotations are explicit enough already, since they are already terms English speakers should be familiar with.
Card No. 70 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 13

Bloodione had Zero cornered, and Luxione moved in for the kill. But Zero dodged his Arrow Shot and returned fire. Unleashing the Neo Buster at maximum output, Zero blasted clear through Luxione and Bloodione with a single shot! Well done, Zero! Only Tackione himself remained!
ZERO vs Luxione
Title (Back):
Zero vs Luxione
Notes: The picture shows Luxione and Zero engaged in close combat. Zero tackled both fiends at once, but Tackione isn't shaking in his boots yet. He has another surprise for Zero.
Card No. 71 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 14

Zero has obliterated 2 of the Order Breakers, but Tackione's ominous smile was unwaivering. "After all, I only created those offshoots for amusement. I still have another disciple. The strongest one, in fact..."
Another figure was revealed behind Tackione... Who is this "strongest one"...?
Title (Back):
Tackione's Secret Weapon?!
Notes: Visible on the card, Tackione has moved to reveal none other than X wearing some kind of Limited armor. The art of X with half his face obscured in darkness is greatly iconic.
Card No. 72 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Replicapture

DATA: A Limited created by Tackione has preyed upon the body of X. It's reached the point that it can even manipulate X's mind.

WEAPON: Limited has mutated X's buster, creating the Remeet X Buster.
Title (Back):
Rockman X (Replicapture)
Notes: Rockman X, champion of justice and greatest creation of Dr. Right, reduced to the puppet of a soul-sucking parasite? Say it ain't so! Reversed from their usual X-series roles, X has gone over to the dark side and Zero must do all he can to either bring back his friend, or stop him by any means necessary. Long before the Zero series, and even before X4's ending where X requested Zero take care of him if he were to ever go irregular, this is the very first time a heroic Zero had to battle with X. An X powered up by Limited's Replicapture armor and Remeet X Buster to boot. With both contenders at such heights of power, this is one fight that earns the title of epic!
Card No. 73 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 15

Now the pawn of Tackione, Replicapture X began a furious assault on Zero! But Zero dodged X's barrage without raising an eyebrow. Is there any way Zero can rescue his friend from this fate?
Title (Back):
Zero vs Rockman X (Replicapture)
Notes: Though probably clear from the context alone, "without raising an eyebrow" is a Japanese expression comparable to "without breaking a sweat" or "without missing a beat." The image on the card depicts Zero yanking on the wire protruding from X's buster while firing Scrap Shoot at the ground in front of X, in hopes its shrapnel will rebound and do some damage to that Replicapture armor. Zero's taking some risks, working hard to try and free his friend, but the Remeet X Buster can do some serious damage that even the Neo Armor won't protect him from. Careful Zero, you're the world's only hope!
Card No. 74 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 16

At long last, the battle between Zero and X came to an end. With Zero's Neo Buster having destroyed the Limited that was feeding upon him, X's body returned to its normal form. However, Zero had likewise fallen prey to X's buster, his own body now greatly wounded.
Title (Back):
Comrades, Collide!
Notes: The dying Limited cells can be seen dripping off of X's restored body. Smoke rises off from both combatants. Good has prevailed over evil, yet at a high cost. Zero succeeded in returning X to normal, but has himself been critically injured. Similar to X5, the duel ends in a draw that leaves both characters weak and tired. Unlike X5, there'll be no time to recover before the last battle begins! Coming up next, the final showdown with Tackione!

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Mega Mission 2, part 2

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Continued from here. I'm over halfway done with Mega Mission 2, and with my Mega Mission translation project in general, but I still have yet to upload the images to go along with them. This blog format doesn't seem conductive for doing so, at all. I'm working on something where it can be hosted elsewhere, though. The scans are coming, truly!

Card No. 54 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: Zero uncovered the wreckage of his abducted companion X's buster, which he installed in his own buster. Now their power is combined!

WEAPON: The strength of both Zero and X's busters have been merged into one outstanding weapon!!
Title (Back):
Zero (Neo Buster)
Notes: Our second holo card, and another example of the character profiles getting ahead of the story cards. The Neo Buster slightly resembles the X3 Zero Buster, colored blue, with even more green triangular gems, and a split-barrel cannon that's half red and half blue.
Card No. 55 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 6

Found at the scene of X's defeat was the wreckage of his buster. Zero used those parts to remodel his own buster into the mighty Neo Buster! Zero would use this power to help track down his missing friend X, and combat the unidentified enemy behind this disappearance.
Title (Back):
Zero Scramble!!
Notes: You might think Zero is some kind of genius to be able to combine and improve upon the greatest weapons of Thomas Right and Albert Wily with some broken equipment, no tools and very little time, but it probably isn't much more unbelievable or complicated than, for instance, when Zero gives X his buster parts towards the ending of X1. There is still some Limited traces in the buster as well, making Zero now infected with residual Limited too (and maybe that had something to do with the Neo Buster's formatting as well). The Neo Buster will allow Zero to use special weapons that X has collected before. If you're wondering why the Limited Field hasn't sapped Zero's power as well, it's because the effect is much stronger in proximity of the Order Breakers, and now that they've retreated to their evil lair, the effect has become minimal (though still present) again.
Card No. 56 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The new body of Hyakulegger, who was revived via fusion with Limited. His teleportation tactics are in top form!!

WEAPON: His Magnet Mines are more plentiful and more powerful than before.
Title (Back):
Magne Hyakulegger Limited
Notes: I always thought Centipede's virus injecting powers were his most formidable aspect, but no mention of those improving. Oh well!
Card No. 57 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 7

Magne Hyakulegger obstructed Zero's path and attacked with Magnet Mine. Unfortunately for Hyakulegger, he wasn't prepared to tackle the Zero-X combined power of the Neo Buster, and was wiped out! Just then, something strange appeared before Zero... a capsule?!
ZERO vs Magne-Hyakulegger-L
Title (Back):
Zero vs Magne Hyakulegger Limited
Notes: The Neo Buster's color has changed to orange, indicating a weapon change, likely the Scrap Shoot, Hyakulegger's weakness in X2. A capsule has appeared before Zero, presenting one of the most controversial aspects of the Mega Mission series, coming up in the next card.
Card No. 58 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 8

"Perhaps this also was fate, hmm, Zero... I wish to grant you a new power... Come, please, step inside."
Guided by the mysterious elder who appeared from inside it, Zero entered the capsule. Afterward, his body had changed to...
Power Up Cupsle
Title (Back):
Arrival!! Power Up Capsule
Notes: Yes, the card reads "Cupsle" in English. Anyway, Dr. Right has arrived in his usual X1-3 styled capsule and awarded Zero an armor to help rescue X. This is contradictory to Right's words in Rockman X2 Soul Eraser and Rockman X5 where Right is adamant that he cannot create armors for Zero's body, but only supply relatively minor power ups. Fans have theorized that perhaps Zero having X's parts installed is what made this possible here, even though the parts had little to do with Zero's chest. Others point out that the armor seems to just be fastened over top of Zero's normal armor instead of being integrated into his body, but it does in fact resonate with the Neo Buster and utilizes Zero's internal energy and later even other parts of his body not initially installed over. Some suppose that Limited could have changed Zero's body structure to temporarily evolve more like X's, which allowed this. The likely truth of the matter is simply that there was nothing in the story up to that point in 1996 that flat-out said Right couldn't make armors for Zero, only that he hadn't done so yet. The embargo wasn't established in the games until the year 2000. Hard to say whether this was an intentional contradiction or just an oversight on Capcom's part. Of course, if you don't consider Mega Mission to be canon to the X games, then there's nothing to reconcile. Ultimately, Zero getting an armor from Right gave a big rush to Zero fans, and helped Bandai round out its toy repertoire for both heroes. For now, lets just go with it, and on with the show!
Card No. 59 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: Following the advice of the mysterious elder, Zero received a new armor. This armor seems to be formed from an overflow of energy.

WEAPON: Allows the Neo Buster to fire a powerful solid-light projectile called the Energy Shot.
Title (Back):
Zero (Energy Armor)
Notes: An armor that is literally bustling and crackling with energy... Did Right save the cool armor for Zero, or what? This armor can absorb otherwise damaging energy attacks to reinforce itself, making it even stronger. Nice! Also, the Energy Armor uses the typical Japanese version of "energy" as "エネルギー" enerugii, while the Energy Shot is written with the less common "エナジー" enajii. No real significance either way, just making a note of it.
Card No. 60 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Revived by Limited, Horneck is made to assail against his former superior officer, Zero. His favorite style of attack is conducting aerial bombing raids.

WEAPON: His bee shaped bombs are more powerful and mobile, and able to attack in huge swarms!!
Title (Back):
Explause Horneck Limited
Notes: More often written as Explose Horneck, but I'm leaving it the same here. This is the second Remeet Repliroid in a row to be a former member of the 0th Squadron. Zero must prove his skill as captain here!
Card No. 61 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 9

Zero returns Explause Horneck's assault with his newly acquired Energy Armor. The armor supplied the Neo Buster with even stronger energy, and finished off Horneck with a blast of Bug Hole.
ZERO vs Explause-Horneck-L
Title (Back):
Zero vs Explause Horneck Limited
Notes: The Energy Armor and Neo Buster are pinkish purple in the card image, reflecting the weapon change to Bug Hole. Not mentioned, but Zero is shown to also be attacking with his Zero Sabre. Man, I miss the days when Zero was portrayed as a long- and short-range brawler in the X series.
Card No. 62 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Tigerd infused with Limited. His Shining Claw has evolved completely!!

WEAPON: His light-speed Ray Splasher has targeted Zero!!
Title (Back):
Shining Tigerd Limited
Notes: Tigerd is looking more like a white sabre-toothed cat than strictly a tiger, though I never thought he resembled a tiger that much initially anyway.
Card No. 63 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 10

Shining Tigerd L poised his razor-sharp claws at Zero, as the two skilled hunters squared off against one another. Zero met his enemy with the enhanced Neo Buster, firing volleys of Spinning Blades at Tigerd, shredding him to pieces.
ZERO vs Shining-Tigerd-L
Title (Back):
Zero vs Shining Tigerd Limited
Notes: Tigerd is a poacher hunter, not an Irregular Hunter, but they are both skilled hunters regardless. Zero's armor is now a magenta color, though it's hard to differentiate the Spinning Blade color from the Bug Hole color without close study.
Card No. 64 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The power-fisted thunder king has been revived by Limited. Able to absorb seemingly infinite electricity, he can emit a tremendous spark.

WEAPON: His Electric Spark has been amplified by the screw drums in his arms!!
Title (Back):
Spark Mandriller Limited
Notes: The "screw drums" that rotate and act as drills are very similar to Mandriller's IHX redesign. Coincidence, or inspiration?
Card No. 65 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 2 Story 11

Spark Mandriller L was knocked out by Zero. But not before Mandriller's Electric Spark caused the power plant to go critical! An enormous surge of energy was released along with the plant's explosion. Thick smoke and ash clouded the area, when suddenly... From the center of the devastation, a lone figure emerged!
ZERO vs Spark-Mandriller-L
Title (Back):
Zero vs Spark Mandriller Limited
Notes: Not that you could tell at all from looking at the cards, but apparently Zero and Mandriller were battling inside a power plant. Zero took out Mandriller with Shotgun Ice, depicted by the cool light blue of Zero's equipment and the ice covering Mandriller's monstrous pose. Sometimes the card stories make the battles seem like short easy affairs, but keep in mind that they only have so much space to tell the story in with this format. The Remeets aren't all meant to be pushovers, they just can't spend lines and lines of text describing the battles, or even the locations where they are fought, unless it holds some important story relevance as it did here.
Card No. 66 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Irregular Hunter

DATA: Absorbing the energy from the power plant explosion, the Energy Armor powered up. Its power is now unfathomable.

WEAPON: This shining armor increases the Energy Shot's destructive ability even further!!
Title (Back):
Zero (Neo Armor)
Notes: If you were observing trends and wondering why the Energy Armor card wasn't a holo, this card is why. The Energy Armor has charged enough energy to upgrade itself to the Neo Armor. Now with superior leg, chest and shoulder armoring, Zero is looking mighty in all his holographic glory. We'll be putting that armor to good use in the next installment!