Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Pic Friday!

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I'm thinking I'll try a Monday-Friday update schedule. On Fridays, I'll post up some artwork scans from the CFC materials that don't really require translations. Some are really cool, some not so much, but all of them are pretty rare. Apologies in advance for my scanner's quality situation.

Today's image is the Capcom Gran Prix. This appeared on many promotional goods around '97, but the only reasonable image I have of it is from the table of contents for the CFC Fan Book #3. (That's why it has some writing over it.) I don't think this has appeared in any other Capcom art books, but I'll double check that later today. It's a pretty busy piece, so I'm not really sure I know who all the characters are. Some are from Street Fighter, Cyberbots, Battle Circuit, Vampire... and Rockman! I can't help but laugh at Iceman's expression.

Art of RFWS?!

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The Mega Man Network has mirrored some scans from 2chan showing off artwork for 2 characters from the Japan-only Bandai-prouced made-for-Wonderswan Rockman & Forte Mirai kara no Chousensha (or just RFWS for short).

The artwork is pretty similar to the character image screens found in the games. It's odd they didn't include such art in the game's manual. The booklet and packaging almost completely devoid of pictures that aren't screencaps, and what there is is taken from Capcom's own Rockman & Forte game art. What a neat find!

Also odd is that Shadow's body is a dark green color. In the game dialog he's often referred to as being clad in black. But all in all, that's hardly the weirdest thing about that game.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Lost Episode of Rockman 6

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For this Monday's update, I decided to post a page from Club Capcom's Spring 1993 issue. Club Capcom magazine is the predecessor of the CFC-Style Fan Book mini 'zines that I pulled content from last week. This time, I'm translating a prologue teaser for Rockman 6 that also made a cryptic new announcement regarding the future of the Rockman franchise on the Super Famicom (Super NES) that had many Japanese fans super-excited! As a bonus, at the bottom of the page there's an untold story from Rockboard's development team detailing the birth of Reggae, who recently made a comeback appearance in Rockman 10's Forte (Bass) mode! Bump it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What, another update?!

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And it's not even Monday! Another scan from the CFC-Style Fan Book Vol 2, page 13. It's a little something that didn't make it into the R20 or SF20 art compilation books.

Here the cute couple of Sakura and Rockman make some headlines in Raccoon City. The denizens of that doomed metropolis could probably use a lot more than a pep talk about fighting spirit, if you ask me. Umbrella Corp's monsters wouldn't stand a chance against these two!

Since it doesn't appear in other books and I don't see it listed in this one, I'm not sure who the artist is. I do know the table of contents lists it as an original Capcom piece made for this issue. No matter. I like the concept, and their poses are great. Sakura looks rather tall next to Rock.

Some of the colors in this scan are a bit too bright, unfortunately, making the browns look more red. I couldn't seem to get a nice balance that didn't make the other colors look washed out. I'm probably going to need to get a new scanner to get nicer images, especially for the Mega Mission cards. But that's way outside of my budget at this time. This will have to do for now, and if ever I can, I'll put up a better scan. It looks pretty decent anyway, right?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Blues

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I think you know what I mean when I say, this spasmodic system of blogging I have going right now isn't quite working out. Nothing for weeks, then a few posts, then nothing for months.... Yeah, bad idea. It's too easy for me to just put it off or forget all about posting.

So from now on, I'm going to do things differently. Every Monday, there will be an update. Every Monday! By creating a deadline for myself, I'll hopefully start getting done all the things I created this blog to do. So, to my handful of followers, I now solemnly pledge to update at the front of every work week. Maybe if there's lots to say I'll do more than that, but for now just expect a once-a-week minimum. So now that that's settled, this Monday's topic is none other than the original robot in red and co-star of Mega Man 10, Protoman.

Read on!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Trekkies have one... shouldn't Mega Man?

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The Mega Man Network has done some articles recently that show they aren't afraid ask the tough questions and probe the deepest darkest secrets of the Mega Man franchise. This is mostly a response to this one in particular, which also did not escape the attention of manga artist Hitoshi Ariga. In 2008 he also felt compelled to put up a blog post dealing with this controversial issue, which I would like to present henceforth, dubbed for an English audience. Click the jump once your mind is clear, and proceed into the inner sanctums of knowledge.

As Dr. Light would say...

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"You haven't done this in awhile!"

Sorry about all the non-blogging. It is so easy to lose interest. Luckily, it's also easy to have a sudden inspiration to do something. Life is funny like that.