Thursday, June 17, 2010

Might not be able to post tomorrow...

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So here's your free pic friday advance. In honor of the Mega Man Legends board finally returning to Capcom's forums after many years of absence, here's some DASH for ya!

From CFC CAP! volume 7. Tiesel breaks down his latest master plan for finally stopping that blue boy (or here, "Blue Man"). I hope someday he finally gets to use it in Legends 3.


  1. Huh, looks like a graph from Portal.

  2. Legends 3 will eventually happen. I never though MvC3 would ever happen, but now that I saw that it is happening, I believe anything can happen. So I haven't lost hope in Legends 3.

  3. Nice! I'd love to see more from the CFC Cap! books. They've got plenty of early, beta screens of the PSX Rockman games.

  4. =O

    Legends 3????


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